This blog is for those who are looking to up their game or people who want to discover what it is to see the world through a photographers eyes as well as everyone in-between. 

The world around us is full of beauty, chaos, and serenity. Our jobs as photographers is to bring our point of view to everyone, to share our experiences with the population. In order to do that effectively we need to know our own eye and our equipment.

Every week and every day is a new chance to capture moments and create emotion through our work, with this in mind i will do my best to bring my knowledge to you through this blog and videos with my friends.

 The new age of photography is here with better equipment and more ways to interact with the world. With these new and exciting times we need to dig down to our roots to become the best version of ourselves as we can. Photography is almost never the equipment that we use but the knowledge and picture we see framed in our minds is what makes the biggest difference. However mastery of the equipment and your sight together will take your work to new levels.


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